Master Color Finale 2 for Final Cut Pro

The course includes the fundamentals of color grading along with expert-guided workflows.

Become a Color Grading Master

Learn universal techniques of color grading. Unlock the possibilities of Color Finale 2 plugin.

  • Never-before-seen lessons on Color Finale 2’s Tracking engine

  • Lessons on RGB Curves to create next-level looks

  • How to get the expensive Hollywood look

  • Why the #1 color grading tool could be Six Vectors

  • What is ACES and why it's important

  • Techniques to gain precision-level color control with Masking


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Color Finale 2 Pro Plugin with Training Course at a discount.

Color Finale 2 is a powerful plugin that adds fully-featured, professional color grading tools to Final Cut Pro. This Training Course not only shows how to effectively use the tools in the Color Finale 2 arsenal, it also explains why each tool is so critical to the overall grading process.

Course Curriculum

Enjoy a well-rounded learning plan with theory and practice.

    1. Lesson 1.1 Course Presentation

    2. Lesson 1.2 Color Finale 2 user interface

    3. Lesson 1.3 Color Finale 2 and color grading

    1. Lesson 2.1 Color Wheels

    2. Lesson 2.2 RGB Curves

    3. Lesson 2.3 Six vectors

    4. Lesson 2.4 HSL Curves

    5. Lesson 2.5 LUT Browser

    6. Lesson 2.6 Ordering layers

    7. Lesson 2.7 Choice of color profile

    8. Lesson 2.8 Image analysis

    9. Lesson 2.9 Shuffle tool and Filters

    10. Lesson 2.10 Camera matrix

    1. Lesson 3.1 Exposure correction

    2. Lesson 3.2 Increase image contrast

    3. Lesson 3.3.1 White balance (part 1)

    4. Lesson 3.3.2 White balance (part 2)

    5. Lesson 3.4 Adjusting black and white levels

    6. Lesson 3.5 Adjusting skin tones

    7. Lesson 3.6 Black & white, graded variants

    1. Lesson 4.1 Creating a mask

    2. Lesson 4.2 Shape Tracking

    3. Lesson 4.3 Inverting parent mask

    4. Lesson 4.4 Edge mask and parent mask

    5. Lesson 4.5 Manual and automatic tracking combined

    6. Lesson 4.6 Subtract and Intersect Modes

    1. Lesson 1.1 Primary correction

    2. Lesson 1.2 Background corrections with edge mask

    3. Lesson 1.3 Secondary corrections with masks and tracking

    4. Lesson 1.4 Color grading: sunset light effect

    1. Lesson 2.1 Primary correction

    2. Lesson 2.2.1 Secondary correction (part 1)

    3. Lesson 2.2.2 Secondary correction (part 2)

    4. Lesson 2.3 Color grading

About Training Course

  • 47 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Watch One of The Lessons

Explore how to implement selective secondary corrections with the powerful HSL Image Mask.

Course Instructor

Matteo Orlandi

Matteo Orlandi is the owner of VideoCorsiPro and has been teaching and training since 2007, specializing in Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Matteo is a musician (guitar), arranger, sound engineer and videomaker. From 1996 to 2015 he worked as an audio visual manager in a modern art gallery, as well as working in editing for weddings. This Color Finale Training Course has been adapted from Matteo's original Italian version.